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Ma Perkins and White Ma Perkins
Floribundas, 1952 and 1962

Ma Perkins was one of the first Floribundas to have large flowers rather than the smaller, polyantha types that preceded it. The color is a changable salmon-coral similar to Fashion (one of it's parents), and Touch of Class.

White Ma Perkins is a color sport with exactly the same flowers but in an iridescent, pearly white. In the bud stage the colors are pale, pearly pink. When fully open there is delicate lemon shading in the center.

While Ma Perkins is cheerful and informal, White Ma Perkins is absolutely elegant. An incredibly beautiful white rose!

Thanks to Lee Sherman for these two close-ups.

American Beauty Autumn Sunset
Charles Rennie Macintosh Cymbaline
General Allard Golden Celebration
Heritage Magenta
Pink Gruss an Aachen Signora
Ma Perkins White Ma Perkins