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General Allard
"Phil's Hot Pink Perpetual Damask"

Hybrid Bourbon, 1835

An historically important rose, it is a hybrid of Bourbon and Gallica roses and was a parent rose of the earliest Hybrid Perpetuals. It grows and looks like a Portland, similar to Rose de Rescht and just as fragrant, but not as harsh a color. It stays small, is an excellent repeater and a very tough plant.

Hybrid Tea, 1936

Amazing what a difference a century can make! Shimmering petals of soft oranges, gold and magenta with deep rose veining, the colors change according to the weather. A parent of Sutter's Gold, from which Sutter's Gold got it's fragrance.

American Beauty Autumn Sunset
Charles Rennie Macintosh Cymbaline
General Allard Golden Celebration
Heritage Magenta
Pink Gruss an Aachen Signora
Ma Perkins White Ma Perkins