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Health, Gardens, & Healthy Gardens

Any commercial sites are listed here for their informational content.
While I've done business with some of them, don't construe a link as an endorsement.

Paradigm-Altering Health Information

Tigerflag Natural Perfumery: My store, where I sell high-quality all-natural perfumes, homemade skin-care products, soaps and candles. Resources and articles about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia and more. For anybody who loves beautiful fragrances but hates toxic chemicals.

Center for Science in the Public Interest: What the corporate-owned government and media don't want you to know. A very reliable news source.

Gluten-Free Links: Tons of information about Gluten- Intolerance and it's connection to modern health problems.

Wilson's Syndrome Foundation: How having a low body temperature can cause a myriad of hypothyroid symptoms that do not respond to thyroid hormone replacement therapy. Easily treated.

Vitale Therapeutics, Inc: Cutting-edge research by my friend, Galen Knight, Ph.D., on the environmental and nutritional causes of (and solutions for) cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc...

Keep Hope Alive: Self-help for people with compromised immune systems (AIDS, cancer, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia), and much more...

Naturapet: Website for Innova and California Natural pet foods. Simply the best, most healthful pet foods you can buy. All their ingredients are FDA certified for human consumption. No tumors, feathers, flea collars or roadkill in THIS food!

Eagle Pack Premium Pet Foods: My cats do even better with this food than with the Naturapet foods. I highly recommend!

Sander, the Amazing Cancer Dog! How a woman has treated her fatally ill Sheltie with non-toxic cancer therapies, and his remarkable recovery. Very similar protocol and outcome to my own cancer treatment.

AIDS: Have We Been Mislead? Dr. Peter Duesberg's very controversial argument that AIDS is caused by environmental factors, and not by the HIV virus. What do you think?


IPM & Non-Toxic Gardening

Biocontrol Nework: A wealth of information on IPM methods and environmental issues.

GardensAlive! Source for Organic and less toxic gardening products that work just as well, if not better, than conventional pesticides and fungicides.


Roses & Beautiful Rose Gardens

Blink Within A Dream: Elizabeth Trent's beautiful website. Roses, pansies, daylilies, incredible photography.

A High Desert Rose Garden: In the middle of the New Mexican desert is an English Cottage Garden filled with hundreds of rare and unusual roses.

RoseGathering: Daphne Filiberti's encyclopedic rose site; informative, well-written and beautifully photographed.

Paul Barden's Old Garden Roses and Beyond: Excellent articles and lots of links on "OGRs", hybridizing, etc.

The Texas Rose Rustlers: Lots of articles and links. Anything and everything about tough, easy-care roses.


Miscellaneous Tidbits

ShieldsUP! Steve Gibson's internet and PC security site. I encourage you to take the ShieldsUP! test and learn how to make your computer secure from hackers.

E-Mail Hoaxes, Myths and Urban Legends: A really comprehensive site; includes links for getting off of junkmail, spam and telemarketer lists.

Bookfinder: A search engine of used book stores, it can locate almost any book you want at the best price.

World's Smallest Political Quiz: So you think you're a Democrat or a Republican? A fun little quiz from the Libertarian Party.

Nancies.org: Great site dedicated to the Dave Matthews Band. Click on the "Tour" tab to see setlists and fan reviews of nearly every show since 1991.

Slashdot: They call it "News for Nerds." I call it "News for Intelligent People" (maybe I'm just a nerd!). Tech, science and political news with a leaning towards Open-Source.

Distrowatch.com: Information about all the different distributions or "flavors" of the FREE Linux Operating System.

Linuxquestions.org Forums: The largest, most helpful Linux forums on the Internet. Got a question about installing or using Linux? The answers are here!