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Georgie and Lucky


Georgie is a solid platinum Tonkinese. I got him because I wanted a lap-cat, and Tonks are famous for being "lap fungus." I researched the breed and breeders for a few years while I saved up my money. Finally got Georgie and it turned out he was very ill with several respiratory infections. The breeder had masked his symptoms with antibiotics.

Within ten days he almost died and the vet bills to save him were huge. The breeder tried to steal him back and I had to file a lawsuit against her to determine rightful ownership. After the legal bills, vet bills and the original money paid, Georgie is my thousand-dollar cat... and he STILL won't sit on my lap! Maybe Goddess is telling me not to be needy.

Georgie's favorite pastimes are playing fetch with little balls of paper, and keeping Luciano from playing at all. In the morning he sits with me and tries to drink my coffee. He's a little guy with a big heart and a bigger ego, and he's a hill of fun!


We adopted Lucky when he was eighteen months old. Sadly, I must change his description to the past-tense, as he died suddenly in October, 2003. He was ten years old. Lucky was a throwback to the German Shepherd Dogs of many years ago. He was very calm and placid with a wonderful, happy nature. His hips were square like a Labrador's, and at age ten he was still fast, agile and full of energy. Like a wolf, he had a graceful, almost delicate way of moving. He was gentle and patient with the cats, although he never understood them! He had a collection of stuffed toys that he knew by name and loved very much.

In his last year we were forced to move and had to give Lucky to our closest friends. Their young children gave him the happiest year of his life. He adored them and became their fierce, loud protector if someone came to their door. The UPS man and pizza-delivery boy were terrified of him!

I will never know another soul like Lucky. He was as good as good can be.