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My Kids

I'm currently owned by four cats. All of them are rescues, more or less. These are my babies and my best friends. You'll have to put up with a doting Mama...


My husband and I got William as a small kitten. He had never been handled. All his brothers and sisters ran away from me and hid. William, however, climbed up me until we were face-to-face and YELLED at me to take him home already! Ten years later, he now weighs about twenty pounds and easily pats the deadbolts above the doorknobs when he wants to go out.


Gracie was rescued from the streets by P.A.C.A. when she was seven months old; we adopted her a month later. Although sweet and gentle, she was still traumatized and had no affect whatsoever. She "evaluated" me for a year, then suddenly bonded with me with an intensity I've never known from any other cat. Now she's quirky and cute beyond belief! Several times a day she insists that I hold her so she can cuddle into me. Then she purrs and drools down my back. I change my shirts often :-)