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Dr. A.J. Verhage - Hybrid Tea, 1963

My Roses

When I first wrote these pages I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico (USA). There I grew approximately ninety roses, most of them in pots and on their own roots. Conditions in Albuquerque are harsh, with humidity often below ten percent, gale-force canyon winds in winter and spring, and blistering hot desert summers. Surprisingly, most of the roses I grew not only survived, but flourished.

My main interest is in Old Garden Roses and Shrubs with an OGR look about them. I'm not too enamored of the stiff, high-centered Hybrid Tea form (think "Florist Rose"), but there are some not-so-common older Hybrid Teas that I love very much. I'll also overlook a lot of flaws (like powdery mildew and varieties with death-wishes) if a Rose has a fragrance that knocks me out.

When I left New Mexico I had to leave all my roses behind with friends. I now live in the Phoenix-metro valley of Arizona and am starting over from scratch, learning as I go...

American Beauty Autumn Sunset
Charles Rennie Macintosh Cymbaline
General Allard Golden Celebration
Heritage Magenta
Pink Gruss an Aachen Signora
Ma Perkins White Ma Perkins

Lyda Rose - Shrub, 1994

Sweet musk fragrance and always healthy.